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Grand Theft Auto III For Mac

This game consists on complete of crime in the metropolis. And you are one who commits all the ones crimes. Make as lots crime as you may and end up the king of the city. Beat the people difficult till loss of life. Walk on the streets, shops, homes or wherein ever you need. No person will forestall you or ask you what you are doing. Even as on foot on the street, stop any vehicle, bus, truck or motorcycle and put the driving force out of it. Take hold of it and run away. You could also beat the motive force of the automobile or you may kill him.


  • Killing, snatching, beating and running. This is how game works.
  • If a policeman will see you doing a wrong activity, he will come to arrest you.
  • Kill the policeman and run away. More will come to kill or arrest you.
  • Take the weapons of dead policemen and shoot the civilians or policemen.
  • Hide yourself to protect and than shoot the police.


Grand Theft Auto III v1.3.4 .apk is compatible with iOS 5.0 and some higher devices.

What’s New:

Compatibility with iPad1 is now fixed.

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